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We are honored to be selected as one of only two retailers to receive the highly sought after Viaje Zombie!  And to make the occasion even more memorable, we will be celebrating with a Zombie release party featuring Andre Farkas himself!  This is truly a rare opportunity to meet Andre and smoke some of his new and event only cigars!  

Join us on Friday April 24th for our Zombie themed party with Andre!  This special event gets underway at 5 PM - come early and stay late, as you don't want to miss out! 


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Viaje Cigar Company


WHO'S HUNGRY? Viaje presents Senior Andre's CHICHARRONES! There are 3 flavors for you to enjoy in every box; Original, Bold and Spicy. 3 different blends featuring Corojo, Maduro and Criollo respectively. Senior Andre's CHICHARRONES uses only the finest ingredients grown and raised at AGANORSA farms, Nicaragua. (Each box contains 90 CHICHARRONES, 4.5" X 48, TABSA

Cubanacan Cigars


The Mederos Family is proud to present their personal ties to the homeland of Cuba through traditional tobacco blends! Following a long family tradition from their grandfather, brothers and sons reaching as far back as the 1800s , they started growing tobacco in Esteli and Jalapa and shortly after opened their Factory with only five pairs of rollers under the name CUBANACAN. (Cuba was derived from the Taino Indigenous word (Arawakan) Cubanacan meaning where fertile land is abundant" cubao or "great place" coabana, they used to light some rolled leaves which they called “Cohiba” and which they later smoked following a ritual. As registered in the chronicles and travel diaries, that ceremony was conducted by a highly respected person called “Behike”. Nowadays CUBANACAN is still the name of the city in Havana Cuba where the famous Factory (El laguito) is located and the COHIBA cigar is rolled.

Through the years they have taken their Grandfather’s vision and continued, by blending fine tobacco using Cuban seeds in the enhanced soil in Esteli Nicaragua. Cubanacan has taken the element of painstaking blending to create excellence, flavor and elegance to every humidor nationwide.

Winston's Reserva Maduro Coffee


When it comes to pairing coffee with your favorite stick, some coffee blends are close, but as they saying goes, no cigar...until now! Introducing Winston's Reserva Maduro Coffee, roasted and blended by lovers of the bean and the leaf. 

blend of Honduran Occidente and Ethiopian Harrar, Winston's Reserva Maduro is a dark roast, unique in flavor. Like any great cigar, it is complex but not overpowering in strength. Rich and robust with notes of cacao, light vanilla and dark berry, our Reserva Maduro Coffee blend doesn't leave any lingering bitter aftertaste or harsh coating in your mouth to compromise your cigar enjoyment. 

Winston's Reserva Maduro was blended with the cigar lover in mind. We appreciate the artisanal "hecho de mano" cigar making method, and we sought out a similar handcrafted style coffee to complement your favorite cigars. With Blanchard's Coffee Company, we found our brewing brethren. Their hands on small batch craft coffee approach resonated with us like a boutique cigar factory, and the resulting blend is what we call "The marriage between coffee and cigars." Our coffee is as fresh as you can find, in fact, it is often roasted and delivered to us on the same day for peak flavor when you brew it. 

With the launch of Winston's Reserva Maduro we invite you to experience an unrivaled coffee and cigar pairing, while joining us in support of Operation: Cigars For Warriors. As a 501(c)3 charity, Cigars For Warriors sends cigars and cigar related items to our fighting men and women, who are actively deployed in war zones, along with those on long term floats and patrols in hostile waters. Cigars are the most requested item by service members overseas, and Cigars For Warriors works diligently to meet the ever increasing demand. As part of our ongoing commitment to Cigars For Warriors, we will donate 1 cigar per each bag of Winston's Reserva Maduro sold, our way of thanking those who serve our country.

Viaje's latest release includes the highly anticipated Exclusivo DES II Collector's Edition jars, along with the Satori line and the Late Harvest Hang Time.
Fans of the original DES (Double Edged Sword) will be rewarded for their wait, as the DES II, limited to only 700 jars, delivers in taste and construction - not to mention the gorgeous packaging!
The Satori line returns and offers 'enlightenment' with the familiar 3 sizes:  Zen, Karma and Nirvana.     
This year's Late Harvest introduces us to the Late Harvest Hang Time.  Stronger than previous Late Harvest releases, the Hang Time, credits it's enhanced flavor to the use of  medio tempo tobacco leaves which receive more sunlight and produce more flavor.
Don't miss out on these new releases! 


2013 EPC Short Runs


Each year, E.P. Carrillo produces the same 3 sizes in limited numbers, but with different blends, called Short Run. Blended by the gifted hands of Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, this year's Short Run sports an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan binder & filler creating a rich-tasting medium to full-bodied blend. 

Orinoco 1613 400th Maduro is here!


This is a maduro lover's dream!  Smooth and rich, with dark chocolate and espresso flavors!

Handmade in the same boutique factory that makes the highly rated Brickhouse Cigars. Perla Del Mar starts with a unique and flavorful blend of aged long fillers and binders from 4 different Nicaraguan regions. It is then wrapped in a beautiful Ecuadoian Connecticut wrapper. This cigar is extremly smooth, creamy, and satisfying.

God of Fire, FFOX Lost City, & Don Carlos Edition de Aniversario!

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